Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome to the Blog!

This is the address for our class blog, and only class members can write here.

Once you get an email address for Gmail, I will invite you to this blog, and you can become a member.

To post (write), you must click New Post in the upper right hand corner, and it will only let you post if you are signed in.  If you are signed in correctly, you will see your gmail adress in teh upper right hand corner.

NOTE: You will have better luck with this blog if you use the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.  Internet Explorer browser has many bugs in it so try to avoid using it.  Firefox is a free download if you wish to put it on your home computer.

NOTE 2: To edit your own writing, just click on the pencil icon.  It lets you go back to your writing and add to it, edit it, etc. 

For your first blog, please introduce yourself and tell your classmates what you are studying and what your hobbies are in your free time.  Then write a little about the profile that interested you the most today and why.  What struck you about this person's life?  Just write a paragraph or two to get used to using the blog.

To comment, you must click on the comments button below the posts on the blog. Please write comments to two classmates when you see his/her introduction and post!

Hint: if you are signed into Gmail, if you just type into the browser, it will show you the blog and let you go there easily.  Otherwise, make sure you write down the address and bookmark it!

Good luck and we will do this in class today so that if there are any problems, we can fix them and get used to using the blog.

Mike Lohre

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