Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Presence of Fear- XXVII

I thought that the most thought provoking idea in Berry's essay was the last one (XXVII) because it talked about how parents needed to teach their children how to save money and not consume continuously. A lot of people these days are in debt because of the use of credit cards and if that is how you were brought up then you will most likely do the same thing. Parents need to realize that they are teaching their children the wrong way to live if they just put everything on a credit card because it shows them when they grow up that they can get whatever they want and they don't have to pay for it right away. This idea says, "We do need a "new economy," but one that is founded on thrift and care, on saving and conserving, not on excess and waste." I like what it says here because I agree that we need a "new economy that is based on saving money and not spending all the money you have once you get paid because you never know when something might come up and you need money right away and you don't have any. This idea has also made me think about how I spend my money and I realized that I need to save more money and not spend so much.


  1. I completely agree with you about this argument. People today spend too much money, and I'm guilty of it too. Saving money in our world, would make our economy better as well as our lives better.

  2. Hey Brittany apperently everyone found this one interesting. Being thrifty is certainly something that everyone could work on.

  3. I also agree and am equally guilty of spending when I should be saving. I believe people are to worried about having the next best smart phone or this that and another instead of worrying about what is important in life. Nowadays I've heard of people texting each other from opposite floors of the same house just because it is more convenient. If people would save their money they could actually just go somewhere as a family and enjoy each other's company instead of paying outrageous phone bills and going broke. :)

    1. This was also the passage that I found to be the most interesting and thought provoking. I know that I have found myself spending money on things that I want instead of need and wasting things when there are people in the world that would only dream of having what I have. It is a tough habit to break but one that needs to be thought about more often in the future.

  4. I also agree and I thought this passage was interesting! I do think that parents need to do their part and teach their children that they can not spend endlessley on a credit card. When I was younger I always thought a credit card was basically free money that you didn't have to pay back. Thankfully, I am aware that this is not true!