Friday, January 27, 2012

Food, Inc.

Food, Inc brought up several interesting things about the food producing business. One of the most disturbing things brought up was the treatment of the animals. The way the chickens were treated to make them plump to the point that they could hardly walk and were trapped in lightless areas was horrible, as was the treatment of the cattle being covered in manure which spread E. Coli. The part about the woman's kid dying from E. coli was pretty terrible too, and shows that we need to monitor our food better and give better care to the animals. I also found the concept of the patent on life really unfair. It's wrong that the farmers can get fined so much for accidentally getting a few GM seeds in their crops and reusing the seeds.


  1. It was terrible that this child dies. What they don't tell you in the movie is that people die from food born illnesses almost everyday. The regulations definitely need some attention.

  2. I also thought that it was horrible how the chickens were badly treated by being fed so much food that they could not even walk. Also, I thought that it was terrible that a child dies from E. Coli because of not monitoring the animals very closly.