Monday, January 23, 2012

John Brown

John Brown was an abolitionist who was a leader in the movement for violent protest against slavery. He is most known for his raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia in 1859. Historians claim Brown's raid was the breaking point between the North and South. A year later succession and the American Civil War broke out. In his attempt to liberate Virginia, Brown was captured and later hung for murder and treason against Virginia. John Brown became a martyr for the movement of liberation. ""John Brown's body lies a-mouldering in the grave, His soul is marching on." The soldiers sang this song as they marched into battle.

Brown volunteered the majority of his life and all of his family to this movement that he so deeply believed in. John Brown's spirit would bring new life to the abolition movement and gave those fighting for the cause the drive to see it succeed. Brown shows us if we believe in something so deeply, we must fight for it. In Browns case it meant sacrificing his life.

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  1. He looks like a very bitter man. The kind of man that you could not convince of anything.