Friday, January 20, 2012

In the Presence of Fear- XIX

The thing I thought that was most provoking was in the part of XIX. Berry says that "we humans have suffered an almost uninterrupted sequence of wars, none of which has brought peace or made us more peaceable". When reading this I tried to keep a very open mind. I find that "peace" is one of those things that everyone wishes for and I do believe for peace and always will but when it comes to world peace that is bigger than anyone can imagine. I mean look at the U.S. it is pretty much one of the first countries that has come together with many different cultures and we still struggle to make everyone happy. What I mean is that every country is going to have their difference and some countries have a very big strong belief on how things should be. I think that is why we do war instead of peaceful treaty because like anything else you usually end up in a fight first before a settlement. It is human nature but I will always hope for peace it just is very difficult to keep everyone happy because of the different backgrounds. I dont really know if there is a right way to make peace.


  1. I agree that at most times we tend to fight and keep fighting instead of trying to make peace with each other. I also feel that this is the reason we have lots of wars.

  2. I agree with you Stephanie all this fighting just keeps wars and fights to go on and on.