Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Domestic Arts of Instruments

I think an interesting domestic art mentioned was using instruments and creating music. Although it doesn't really make you healthier like making your own food or farming, it is still useful to yourself and the community. It can be a productive way of entertaining yourself rather than sitting around watching TV. It can also open career opportunities and be beneficial to the community if you play for other people, which could bring people closer to one another. I took bass guitar lessons myself and self taught myself some songs on electric guitar and I always find it fun to play these instruments and learn more songs. It can be very entertaining to me because I get bored of TV and other things while at home. Also playing an instrument has led me to become friends and interact with more people, so it brings a community along side a way to entertain yourself.

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  1. Music and instruments is very important in our society today. It gives people freedom of expression and allows them to use it to express their emotions.