Monday, January 9, 2012

Intro to luke

Hi, my name is luke hesness. i was born in New Jersey and moved to ohio less then 5 years ago. I am a Criminology major that is still unsure about my major. I enjoy playing soccer and many different types of video games. I work at Panera bread and make probably the best sandwich in the world, not to brag.
The most interesting person that we read about to me would be shields. To be able to function in todays world while keeping a detailed report of absolutely everything he does is astonishing. Most people today keep some form of record of their life such as facebook or family videos, but this man took the time to type up his life minute by minute leaving out no details.


  1. Hi, Luke. I think it's really cool that you used to live in New Jersey. I visited there this summer for a week and it was a lot of fun. I used to play soccer too, for a long time. So that is really neat as well.

  2. Hey Luke. I think it's cool you work at Panera, as I work as a cook too. Sometime i might have to challenge you to a sandwich cook off, however as I make a pretty mean sandwich myself. I also thought that Shields was the most interesting profile and was amazed by the investment that he made to it.

  3. Yea I love to bake a batch of cookies and then play zombies with Brett and just kick his butt lol jk he usually beats me, but hey at least I try=)