Saturday, January 21, 2012

In the Presence of Fear

Berry's essay VII speaks about the attacks as a new invention. We created a system to make our lives easier. This system has now been used against us, exposing its flaws. "We never considered the possibility that we might be trapped in the webwork of communication and transport that was suppose to make us free." In our attempt to make our world more simpler and accessible, it has become simpler and more accessible to attacks.


  1. This is so true! we need to find a way to ensure that the secrets we trade with other countries actually stay secrets and don't fall into the wrong hands.

  2. this is true! I feel like everybody in our county is trying to take an easy way out of things. Things are never easy and sometimes trying to take the easy way out can just get us into more trouble.

    1. I believe that this is 100% true. With the advancements in technology it has only come to hurt us more. When you really think about this it is scary to think what could happen in the future. Technology is changing everyday.