Monday, January 23, 2012

Maya Angelou: An Inspiration

Maya Angelou is an inspiring poet, actress, writer, activist, educator, and so much more. Today she is idolized for her fights against racial discrimination and abuse. She fought hard for the rights of African Americans and she stood beside Malcolm X and Martin Lurther King Jr. Maya Angelou is inspiring because despite all the racial discrimination and abuse that she dealt with as a child, she still continued to fight hard to change the way of the world. Maya Angelou wanted to change the world "we all have our own dreams and our own ways to achieve them. Some of us want to change the life of others, some of us want to make an impact on society, and others, well, they just want to make a difference in the world." Maya Angelou wanted to do all three. She wanted to change the lives of African Americans, she she wanted to change the way her society dealt with racial discrimination and she wanted to leave an imprint on the world to see. If we can learn one thing from Maya Angelou, it is that fight your heart out and rise about the impacts of society.

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