Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy Horse

The person I did my paper on was Crazy Horse who was a Lakota Native American. The thing I thought was so inspirational about Crazy Horse was his generosity. I thought this was so important because this sets up how he became such a great leader and why so many other Native Americans followed him. The passage that really showed this in my paper was when Crazy Horse tribe got snowed in one harsh winter, his father had brought back some food from his hunt. Instead of just taking the food Crazy Horse went around telling the elders that there was food for them. So the elders came and they left chanting Crazy Horse. Why this passage is so important is because the people of the tribe respected him and this would help him lead his people in the war to keep there land.
This is the source I found most helpful because it was a view from the Native American side of the story and told of Crazy Horse when he was younger.

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