Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Inc. A real eye opener

This film was a real eye opener to me. I knew that our food was made of several different animals, but in the film it mentions that our ground beef is made up of thousands of cows, cows that were fed the wrong food and have ebola in their stomach. These cows are grown for the specific purpose of getting fat and the "growers" dont care about the actual cow. It also opened my eye to local economies, such as the farmers market. It shows that one farmer that does everything right. lets the animals grow naturally and eat grass, etc. which makes me only want to eat food from the farmers markets. I read in a review that really stuck to me is that "Our food is killing us and Director Robert Kenner is trying hard to get us to rise up and scream that we're not going to take it anymore, with mixed results"


  1. It's truely scary to think about how the animals are treated before they become a food source. If they are not treated well, and not taken care of they could have those diseases which could be passed on to us when we eat. The really sad part is, if we do stand out against the food industry we could all be sued for one thing or another. that is horrible.

    1. I think that the animals should be allowed to eat grass and other plants that they are designed to eat. My reasoning for this is that the saying "you are what you eat" is true. since the cows are being feed things they would not normally eat they are getting diseased and then spreading this disease onto people and the surrounding plant life, standing in their own poo is also not helping.

  2. I was also shocked on how so many cows are made in one burger. Also, I thought that it was so cruel how the big companies would treat the cows by making the cows so big that they could not even walk.

  3. Farmer markets are fantastic you sometimes get better food because it is being harvest or grown at a normal rate. I know that they are sometime more expensive so maybe try and save money so you can go once a week.

  4. Yeah I was not aware how god awful the food industry was either till I saw this film in class. I almost got sick at the though of how those poor animals were treated. The fact that nobody(who works for the company's that use these horrid methods) seems to have one ounce of compassion for the animals that they are raising. All they see are dollar signs and that is why the U.S. government hasn't done very much, if anything, to help these poor animals. It is a huge injustice!