Thursday, January 26, 2012

Food Inc.

I thought that Food Inc. was very interesting. What really stuck me that I thought was very important was Barbara Kowalcyk’s story about her son dying after 12 days of eating a hamburger. She said “I feel like the food industry was more protected than my son.” I agree with her because the food industry should be safe for us and the people should be protected from contaminated food but that wasn’t the case. My step dad works at Hord’s located right outside of Bucyrus. They have multiple barns like the ones in the film. It made me sick watching the film to see how they treat the animals. Last November, my step dad got a rare staph infection and almost lost his legs from being in those barns. They aren’t very sanitary and that’s how many people get sick and some die from these barns and slaughterhouse not being clean at all. I was talking to my step dad about the film and he told me about a slaughterhouse in Texas that had an underground pipeline that drained pig blood into a creek behind the slaughterhouse. They were contaminating the rivers in Texas. On the website I linked, there is a video that talks more about it.


  1. WOW! to hear that the slaughterhouse drains all of its blood into a river is disgusting. That is just further contaminating the enviorment, which will cause more things to become unhealthy. Because of poor practices like that we see the ecoli in spinach. Companies need to be more aware and careful of the cross contamination.

  2. It is really shocking to hear that the slaughterhouse was draining pigs blood into a creek. For each of the terrible contamination cases you hear about, there are likely a hundred more that you never will. The entire regulation system needs to change. Society needs to except that this contamination is happening everywhere and demand change.