Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lady Of Space Travel
She was the first
The first of many
She was the first lady to orbit the earth
She was the youngest person in space
At that time

During school she seeked other ambitions
Tennis was her game
She was one of the best and could compete with the rest
But she had other ideas

She was one of many that applied
She was one of few that were selected
NASA was who she worked for
She first served on the commander shuttle

She was now astronaut
The traveler of space
An alien of the atmosphere

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Girl Power

Hello My name is Misti Cowburn

I wrote a poem about Betty Friedan because I like how she fought for womens rights

the poem is called Girl Power

Girl Power

By Misti Cowburn

Women of power
Not a passing hour
She gave up without equality

Founder of Now
Everyone said Wow
She is a leader
No one could defeat her.

She fought like a bull
To achieve her goals
And she pulled through.

She wrote Quotes
Women love
They took a vote
She wanted women to be equal
To all the other people
Women have rights
Thanks to her fight