Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brad Plotner

(I never took the picture in color)
I interview a small town hardware store owner father of three girls Brad Plotner. I interviewed him because he opened this business when the economy was down and is doing a great job so far with it. One of my favorite thing i learned about brad is his work schedule which is this: My normal work day goes like this I start at Honda at 10:30 pm work there till 7:30 am come here at 8:00 am work till 5:30 pm then go back home. I usually sleep a couple hours in the morning in my bed (pointing to a recliner in his office) then about 3 hours at night. I drink diet mountain dew to keep me awake on the days that I’m really tired. I’ve probably done this for about 15 years now there are times depending on what I am doing that I get more sleep or a lot less sleep than that. There are times I go on a half hour of sleep day to day.

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