Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jeremy Stringfellow

I chose to interview my boss, who happens to be a pharmacist and the pharmacy manager for CVS, because he is always busy into things. He has a lot of goals and dreams he would like to accomplish. I also like the way he wants change with the pharmacy industry.

All of the CVS’s that I’ve worked in are very similar because there’s a family atmosphere. The first CVS I worked in was with my dad so it was a family atmosphere. When I was in Lima we had a lot of close-knit people. I try to make it so everyone gets along and there’s a family aspect.

He takes pride in the CVS that he works in now because he is the manager. He strives for store 6171 to be the best. Every month each CVS gets a “report card”. Because of Jeremy’s organizational and leadership skills, the store usually gets at least a 90% in all of the areas. He told me that any other score was unacceptable. He wants every patient to be satisfied, so that’s what him and all of his employees work for.

I would be very proud if my kids decided to be in the pharmacy. I don’t want them to have to go through the stress that I go through. I’m hoping as the time goes by the pharmacy will be more and more respected as a health industry and less like a food chain like degree. I think if we could get the fast-food chain aspect out of people’s minds then that would make it more respected. People basically treat the pharmacy like McDonalds. People hand you a prescription and expect you to hand their medication right out to them. They don’t understand the whole process of filling prescriptions. All they know is they want their medicine right then and there.

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