Monday, March 5, 2012

I interviewed Gerald Dryfuse, my husband. When I learned about life I found that his childhood was far from normal. He was separated from his 2 older sisters, then reunited and adopted at the age of 7.

My oldest sister lived in Akron with an Aunt and uncle, my middle sister lived with my grandma and grandpa in republic, by the time the 3 of us were together it was rough. Lori was always babied by grandma, Tina was raised to be who she is, and me, I didn’t have anyone growing up around for the first 7yrs of my life, I played in the basement on a battery operated car, that was my doings, I mean I never had any friends or Anything like that and I was thrown into the situation with 2 older sisters always telling me what to do, I mean they literally put A rope around my neck and hung me, I’ve had many of times where it was just rough sometimes. My sisters did teach me a lot growing up, and I do appreciate each ones effort to, you know, keep me safe.

My mother met my dad, they got married, and he took it upon himself to give us his name. I was 7, and I was given a choice it was either get adopted or have 3 females very mad at me. Even at the ripe old age of 7 I knew what I had to do. You met my mother and sisters; I was so outnumbered I figured I had better go with it. I loved my dad then and I love him even more today, I am very happy that he is my father. I wouldn’t have it any other way

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