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Evelyn Long

Through my years of going to school in Cardington and participating in many different events throughout the community I came to know Evelyn Long. She was always the local news paper reporter and was always around the town doing different things. Evelyn is that person that everyone knew. I always thought she would be interesting get to know and hear about her life and experiences since she has almost always lived in Cardington and has reported on so many different things so this is why I chose to interview Evelyn. I learned a lot not only about Evelyn her self but the world of reporting and the small town of Cardington too. I chose to share the part of the essay where Evelyn is talking about her life. I believe this really shows how times have changed since she was a young child.

My childhood was growing up on a farm we didn't have any nice privileges, no bathrooms, no running water but we didn't know any difference. Everybody was poor, nobody had a bathroom. My Grandpa didn't have indoor plumbing. Clear up till now, there is still not a bathroom in there. But ya know my kids say, “how'd you live without a bathroom?” Well we didn't know the difference. We had an outhouse and we got our little pan of water we took baths every Saturday night and my mom had to carry all the water in the laundry room, well we pumped it in the house, we had to pump it and then she carried out to what we called the milk house and then we would wash them, we didn't have a dryer, everything was on the line. People think today that they need new cars and all that and new homes and your grandfather and I grew up in the depression and we grew up without all that. Theres more and more people relying on you know federal government to take care of us. But I, I think that's the biggest thing I notice is that people are coming to rely on Washington instead of being self reliant. We would all bail the hay and we all drove the horses and when my Grandfather died, he wouldn't allow tractors, my grandfather would never allow tractors he was old, so when my grandfather died my dad got a Massey Harris. We were the proudest people in the world we owned a tractor. I learned a lot just from having to work, just working, and you didn't play Nintendo and you didn't play all these games you worked. And I know the value of work so I think growing up poor probably shaped me in life.

Evelyn has had many opportunities in her life that many people growing up in her time didn't have. I wanted to know if throughout her life she had any regrets. The only thing I regret and it probably wouldn't have worked is that I didn't complete college. I had a chance to go to college. I was down at Cap (Capital University), only a thousand dollars a year I could have had my degree, but I couldn't make my mind up what I wanted to be. I wanted to be an actress, I wanted to teach, all this stuff I couldn't make my mind up so I just quit. But I had a great social life, Jonda, I was dating a guy every night, going to the movies, I loved my social life at Cap. But if I wouldn't a quit I would have never met Willis [her husband] because I'd a been in college and we would have never crossed paths and he was gonna go a second career in army when he got out he was gonna sign up again and something made him not to if he had we would have never met. So things were supposed to happen. But that's the only biggest regret is that I didn't get my college degree when I had a chance for a thousand dollars a year. My folks hated it when I quit because they borrowed money like they did with everything, they borrowed to send me. If I had to say one thing my big regret is not getting my college degree.

I always dreamed of marrying just the right guy and having kids and because I was told I never could have kids. That was something that I realized was fulfillment and I think when I first dated Willis Long that was the completion. So when I met Willis I knew that was what I always longed for. And then I had a physician that found he could make me where I could have kids so when I had them I was really fulfilled because I never thought I would have kids. Since meeting the right guy was so important to Evelyn I thought I would find out how she came upon this perfect guy. Well we went to school together he was just a little guy that was real quite and you didn't hardly notice him. In school I didn't really pay any attention to Willis until 1953 I was down in the grocery store and ran into him, he had just gotten home from the service, and I didn't even know that. Wow was he good lookin, where has be been? My sister Norita was dating Olen Calbor and Olen was Willis's favorite best friend out there. So I kept telling Norita, “You oughta see Willis Long, he's good looking duh duh duh”. I said well get me a date with him. She came home in May of '55 said we saw Willis Long, he's gonna call for a date. So he called me on May 5 for a date, we went out the next night, and one week later he asked me to marry him. [Giggles] It was '55, we got married in August. You never know, you could go far away looking for someone and here there right in front of your eyes. I miss my husband. I am very unhappy but I just keep plugging. But I wouldn't, well I can't say that I am depressed or any of that stuff it's just that if he were here I would be really happy.

Paper On Charles Tindley

Where do I begin? The man is incredible and i was lucky to have meet him. I would love to share my whole paper with all of you, unfortunately I only have a limited amount of space. Every single story it seemed was an amazing narrative told with remarkable brilliance. I am am going to share with you one of my favorite tales and exerts from my paper about the time that Charles meet Martin Luther King so enjoy.

Continuing on about his teen years and years after graduating high school, one of the many great stories he has to tell was about the time he met Martin Luther King Jr. His mother had been an organist before his father had passed away and Charles opted not to go to college to stay and support his mother who had taken ill. Joel King, Dr. Martin Luther King’s uncle, asked Charles’ mother if she would come down to Mansfield, Ohio and become his organist for his church’s christening. The main speaker of which would be none other than Martin Luther King himself. Charles goes on to describe him and the speech he gave:

“Martin Luther King was escorted in by a phalanx of state troopers and sheriff’s deputies…they surrounded them because they had death threats. I had always envisioned him as stern looking, but he wasn’t stern looking at all. He was a tiny man with almost Asiatic features, slanted eyes, really truly yellowish skin color, and mild looking more than anything else…very determined looking man though. He gave a speech that was very memorable to me because he was talking about person having self awareness, and pride, and dignity in whatever you do in life. He said ‘try and be the best you can be at whatever you do, if you’re a street sweeper, sweep the best you can…’ He also said something that was very memorable to me ‘if people hate you that means they’re down in the ditch of hate, don’t get down in the ditch with them and get dirty. Stay on top, stay upright, because it isn’t going to do you any good to muddy yourself or dirty yourself with these people.’ Joel King brought Martin over to my mother and me after to introduce us and I remember seeing him and looking at him. He was such a smiling, kind guy, and I always say that he had an aura about him that was totally different. I knew I was shaking hands with greatness. He wasn’t a threatening person, he was a kind gentle soul, but there was strength about him that you could just feel. I can’t explain it but he had that demeanor of a man who was wise beyond his years. He had like an ancient wisdom to him, like something way back that had been pulled up and was instilled in him. You know how some people always want to shake the hand of a pop star? Well to me this was more than a pop star; this was history I was shaking hands with.”

Charles continued on for quite some time explaining that they had no idea the events that would follow as this was only 1962 at the time.

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I believe that the Marion County World War II Veterans Memorial is a place of interest. The memorial was built to represent all the men and women who died to save our lives in World War II. It is one of the largest memorials outside of the nation's capital. The memorial represents our freedom of the American Dream.
Nationally Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church is an important place for the American Dream. We all dream of being free and Martin Lurther King Jr. was a pastor at the church. He held memorials for freedom and expressed his religious beliefs

Presentation Ideas

The first place that pops in my mind locally is the Harding Memorial. I used to go there often as a child and now I pass it every day when I drop my son off and pick my son up from the babysitters. It is a memorial for a great president. He took presidency when the economy was in such decline post war. A year after he took office, the economy was starting to recover. Most people remember him for being involved in sandals and not for the good that he has done. I feel it goes along with the American Dream because people want to be forgiven for their mistakes.

Nationally I think of Times Square in New York. New York is the place that can make you or break you. People who want fame for their American Dream can go there and try to achieve it. There are also so many different kids of jobs in Times Square that people can find something that interests them. There are so many people in Times Square so it is a good place if you want to get noticed because it is an intersection to many cities. Not to mention Times Square has some beautiful architecture. Unfortunately it can break peoples dreams as well, but they can still hold on the idea of the dream.

Presentation Ideas

Locally, The only place that i can think of locally would have to be the Harding memorial. The memorial is about one of the president of the United States, Warren Harding. Harding is one of the least known about presidents (at least i don't know too much about him), but upon further research, interesting facts could be brought up. He was one of the presidents, and lived close to the campus!
I have decided that the most interresting place to do the report over is independence hall. I have visited there a couple times, and it is such a big part of american history. One of the most important events of american history happened there, so it is an incredibly interesting and factual topic to present.

Presentation Ideas

One topic would be the World Trade Center Memorial in New York is an important place in America. The memorial exemplifies the unity of Americans. When one part of the nation was in distress, the entire nation was in distress. With daily visitors and a yearly ceremony, the entire nation continues to come together and support one another.

Another topic would be the Stowe House located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was Harriet Breecher Stowe's home before she was married and home to the Breecher family. Harriet wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which illuminated the hardships of slavery. The book was thought to have caused the Civil War to break out. The Breecher family was full of people fighting for rights that they deeply believed in. Americans are taught that they can make a difference. Just believing that to be true is what makes us who we are.

My first thought for a local places about the American identity and dream are the Harding memorial or Harding home, because both are related to president Warren G. Harding. The Harding memorial is where Harding was buried alongside his wife and the Harding home was where he lived and had speeches until he was elected president. Both relate to the American identity because they relate to the president and how he became the president.

For an iconic national place, I think the statue of liberty and Ellis Island are what comes to mind first, because they are what immigrants would see and go to when coming in to America from the Atlantic. They represent a step towards the American dream and the path a person takes to become an American.

Presentation Projects

My first thought was Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. I think that this goes along with the American Dream, because this amusement park is a well known place and it brings many people all over the United States to here.

My second thought was the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC, Maryland. I think that this goes along with the American Dream, because these museums have many historical occurrences that have happened over the years.

Presentation Projects

My first thought was the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. I think it is important and goes along with the American Dream because bands from all over the world have been inducted, which brings people in from all over the world to come to visit it. It is one of the greatest places to visit if  you are passionate for music.

My second idea is Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It goes aloong with the American Dream because Disney World is one of the biggest attractions in the United States. Worldwide fans of Disney come to visit the parks. It is fun no matter what age you are.

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A good presentation project.

I thought that Malabar Farm located in Mansfield, Ohio, would be a good presentation project.  Because, Malabar Farm was the home of Pulitzer prize winning author Louis Bromfield.  It was here in 1938, that Bromfield start to put into practice of grass fed sustainable farming.  I also thought that this would be an interesting topic because Bromfield hosted Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall's wedding and honeymoon at the farm.

I thought another interesting topic would be the Flamingo casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This casino represents the shady version of the American Dream, because in the early days of Las Vegas Bugsy Siegel was in charge of the construction and opening of the casino.  This is an interesting fact because it is the start of Las Vegas' long history with organised crime.

Presentation Ideas

Two places that I felt revealed important truths about the American Dream and the American Identity, are the Rankin House in Ohio and Mt. Rushmore.
The Rankin House is a national landmark for it's use as one of the more important Underground Railroad stations.The Rankin House is located around Ripley Ohio and overlooks the Ohio River.The house was built in 1825 after Rankin moved his family form Kentucky to the free state of Ohio, it still remains in almost it's original state today. Due to his fierce opposition to slavery and how close it was to the river it became a prime stopping point. They were proud of never having lost a "passenger". It is said that most of the 2,000 escaped slaves who traveled through Ohio stayed with the Rankins. Rankin also taught, preached, wrote and traveled to talk about the importance of abolishing slavery. I think this specific place fits the thesis because it helps to identify who we are as Americans. Americans fought long and hard to find their own identity and in that the identity of slaves. Our country has worked to overcome our past of slavery and now we are a united people, all with the same opportunities and liberties. Most of this wouldn't be possible without the people like the Rankins who risked their lives for others to prove a point of what is right and wrong, not matter where you are from or who you are.

On a national level there is Mt. Rushmore. The original idea was to carve the likeness of famous people into the stone to promote tourism in the area. Along with Washington, two republicans and one democrat were chosen to be carved, so that "America will march along the skyline". The presidents were chosen to represent the first 150 years of American history, and also because of their role in preserving the Republic and expanding its territory. Millions of people go to see it one a yearly basis, so it is a huge area of tourism. It is often depicted in media, such as movies and TV shows due to its immense size. This historic place I feel fits the thesis because it represents some of the greatest presidents of our time. The presidents that helped lead our country to where we are today and gave us the possibility of having an American Dream. It also is important because America is about independence and individuality and that represents that.

Presentation project

I was thinking about Cedar Point and Times Square.

Cedar Point is a place where people in from all around go to have a fun time. It's for thrill seeking people and there are things for all ages. They are always trying to get the fastest and highest roller coasters. Americans are always wanting to do something and Cedar Point is a great place to go for a day or a weekend for an exciting time.

Times Square is very popular and everyone knows where it is. I've been there and I want to go back on New Years Eve one year. There are many things to do right at Times Square and its famous for the ball dropping on New Years Eve. On New Years Eve, there are a lot of people there each year.

The first thing that popped into my head was The Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. It rang on July 8, 1776 calling all citizens to hear the first reading of the Declaration of Independence. The bell stands for the rights and freedoms for people around the country. The Liberty Bell also stands as a symbol for then end of slavery. On the bell is a crack which declared the bell unringable because it set it out of tune. My other idea was The Columbus Zoo. Growing up, my favorite place to go was The Columbus Zoo. Every year, the zoo has thousands and thousands of visitors. The zoo first opened in 1927 with the help of a small donation of animals. Colo, the first captive-born gorilla was born at The Columbus Zoo. The zoo recently celebrated their 80th anniversary in 2007. Since the zoo first opened it has evolved into the Americas largest and nicest zoo!

I am doing my local place as lake erie museum which I visited when I was little. The museum shows of how the islands were back in the day and how it was mostly a tourist attraction. The cooliest part about the museum was the look of the boats and the boats made back then. How life there was different and how many people visited it during the victorian era was interesting too. I just always thought it was an interesting history about Ohio.
The National place that I wanted to talk about was Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. I have been to both places four times and each time I have went I have learned something new. I think the Statue of Liberty because it was the welcoming of immigrants into America. Ellis Island was just a place of where the immigrants went and practically lived. There was a hospital there and many rooms as the immigrants waited to go through registration. I just find these things amazing because this was such a big part of our American history and is part of who we are. Just walking through Ellis Island and seeing how many people were there is just crazy. It makes me more thankful for the freedom that I have because I know a lot of people do not enjoy the same freedoms as I do.
I am thinking of doing Polaris Fashion Place as my local and Gabriel Brothers as a national, since they have stores in many states and their HQ is in West Virginia

Assignment for our presentation project

The National WWII Memorial-
The World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the U.S., the more than 400,000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. Symbolic of the defining event of the 20th Century, the memorial is a monument to the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of the American people. The Second World War is the only 20th Century event commemorated on the National Mall’s central axis.
On the website they have a link, where you can add a name to the Memorial ofo a loved one who died in WWII.

The memorial opened to the public on April 29, 2004 and was dedicated one month later on May 29. It is located on 17th Street, between Constitution and Independence Avenues, and is flanked by the Washington Monument to the east and the Lincoln Memorial to the west. The memorial is operated by the National Park Service and is open to visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Harding Mermorial In Marion Ohio

The Harding Memorial is the final resting place of President Warren G. Harding and his wife. President Harding died in 1923, and his wife died a few months later. They were buried in a temporary tomb in the Marion Cemetery until the memorial was completed. The memorial was designed by Henry Hornbostel and Eric Wood, and it is made of white Georgian Marble. The memorial is's over fifty feet tall and is about 103 feet in diameter. There are forty-six columns. It was very expensive to construct too, it cost $783,103! Groundbreaking was in 1926, and construction was completed about a year later, in 1927. The official dedication was on June 16, 1931 by President Herbert Hoover. It is a very beautiful memorial, and it is definitely worth visiting!
I have gone there a few times, its beautiful and they have some history of the Hardings. I thought it was interesting how there is such an important part of history ten mins down the road from where I live.

a place that reveals the American dream

i was thinking the twin towers would have been good because used to be a place where Americans went to work hard to provide for their selfs and their families. maybe the rock and roll hall of fame for obvious reasons, maybe the statue of liberty. I'm not sure yet. I'll come back later.


There are so many iconic places in the United States of America that it is hard to pick just one. After doing some research I found out that Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, New York has a few reasons as to why it is famous. There have been three different presidents that have made an impact there and it was also considered the richest street in America in the nation during the 19th century.

Cardington is known for the underground railroad running through many different houses in town. I think this would be kind of interesting to research which houses have underground railroad tunnels.

Presentation Project

One national topic that interest me is Ellis Island. Ellis Island opened on January 1, 1892, Ellis Island became the nation's premier federal immigration station. In operation until 1954, the station processed over 12 million immigrant steamship passengers. The first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island was a 15 year old girl from Ireland on January 1, 1982 she was coming to meet her parents that had moved here 2 years prior to make a better life for themselves and there family to come. Ellis Island plays a big factor in the start to the American Dream.

A local place would be that of Cincinnati because the underground railroad came right through there. They have a museum of the under ground railroad but you could go into more research and look for the house that are still standing and look into the history of them

My thoughts on locations of importance

Locally, Regionally-

  • Broadway-Broadway reveals the huge growth of the American Culture that was seemingly less than before. Broadway gave us an identity unto our own through the art of theater. Before Broadway we were not really known for artistic endeavors and it was at Broadway where the musical was created and gave American's an even more unique cultural identity. It was also a place were many creative minds who had no outlet before, now had a stage just for them, literally. It grew the American Dream from a completely different perspective that had not really been realized before. For many people it allowed them to live their own version of the American Dream.

Invention for research assighnmrent

The national one for this assignment I think is the Alamo. The reason I chose this is because there Americans lost their lives defending their home from Mexican soldiers. This is a representation of the American people who are willing to lay down their lives to defend their homes and their livelihood from being destroyed.


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My interview went by so quick! My doctor answered every questions without really having to think! I am so glad we were both prepared. We ended up talking for an hour and a half. I learned that he is really religious and he grew up in a religious family. He also told me that when I get to do my residency in medical school eight years from now, he would be my attending physician. Not only did he give me tons of information about him, he helped me with planning out where I need to go to get to medical school!

Monday, February 13, 2012


My interview went really well.  I ended up interviewing my second choice because the person that I had chosen for my first choice after he had a chance to think about it when I was getting the details together he became kinda stand offish and wasn't real receptive.  So, I was so glad i had scheduled a back up choice it turned out to be a good interview.  My interview lasted for about an hour and I learned somethings about my subject that I didn't know, but the transcribing was a killer.


my interview when prity good. a lot better than i thought it would have been. i ended up interviewing my grandparents instead of the guy my dad works with, and it sounds like they should have been my first pick and not my second because there story of there whole life was just amazing. and i did end up seeing them get emotional tord the middle when he was talking about the Philippians and Vietnam but he just stoped and changed the subject really quick and i didnt want to push my luck and ask y. but i feel like i should have because not knowing is killing me. but the interview ended up lasting about and hour and a half.


My interview did not go as well as I thought it would. I did manage to squeeze out 43 minutes, but I had to ask a lot of questions. I prepared about 25 questions but she answered multiple at one time. I also had to asked a lot of yes/no questions because I am not good at thinking on my feet, so my followup questions were not very good. Also, the person I interviewed never really elaborated on much even when I asked her to. I feel it was still a good experience though. I learned a lot more about her than I had previously known. Also, just learning how to do the interview process was a neat experience. I would like to do something like this again.


My interview lasted for a little more than an hour, in my grandmother's dining room. I actually rather liked the interview but the typing of the transcript was MURDER!!! it took me 15 hours to type a one hour interview. That is the worst part of this far. If you use the program Audacity remember to export the file as a WAV if you save it as a program it devides it up into little tiny chunks and some parts get corrupted or deleted. and it sucks.......bad.


My interview went well in the beginning it was kind of slow but once he started talk about his business he started to talk more and go more in detail. The interview went a little over an hour and I got a lot of great ideas for the paper.


My interview went well. I interviewed a guy I know from the gym, named Steve. I was a little nervous at first because he was answering all of my questions very breifly, but once I was through my questions we more or less started talking and I got a lot of great information and stories. I knew that Steve was retired from the Columbus P.D. but he told me some interesting stories about his patrol work as well as his work as an undercover NARC officer, which I never knew. I learned a lot from this interview.


I'd say that my interview went pretty well. I interviewed my boss. I obviously knew he was a pharmacist and the pharmacy manager at the CVS that I work in, but he also teaches classes at MTC. Unfortunately he got called to go back to the pharmacy to work when I was only about half way through my questions. I still think I got enough information to write a good profile for him. There were a lot of pauses and um's because he was thinking of his answers. I found out things that I didn't know about him even though we always talk about our personal lives at work.

No class today, Monday the 13th, but see you on Wednesday

Students, hopefully you got my email.  I have an inner ear infection and I had to stay home today.

Please catch up on our comments on each other's posts here, or any work that needs to be done.  Have your transcripts finished and in hand on Wednesday.  We'll just move our deadlines back one class.

All best,

Mike Lohre

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I interviewed my boyfriend Justin. The interview went great it went about 45 minutes. I learned quite a few things about him. The best question I asked was about his American dream. He responded that he dreams of getting out of school and becoming an actor whether it be in movies, or on broadway, or even somewhere like Disney World!


Unfortunately I was unable to interview my father. So I interview my boyfriend Ross. It went for a little over forty minutes. It went very well, a lot of things I had already known but he told some stories that were new to me. My favorite question was asking about any childhood memories he had. He had been shot in the head with a bee bee gun. When he snuck home and got in the shower his mom came to check on him and he told her "I'm fine Mom I have only been shot."


I interviewed my grandpa, Dennis Phillips. I enjoyed it a lot and learned a lot of things about him and his childhood that I did not know. For example I knew that he didn't finish school but when he told my he only finished up until the seventh grade, it shocked me. He said he was the onbly child out of six that did not go on to eighth grade! I think his favorite question was when I asked him what kind of activities he likes to do outside. I know how much he likes to be outdoors and he answered this one the quickest. He didn't even have to think about it! The interview lasted about an hour and yesterday (Saturday) he called me back and asked to add more about when he raised 500 chickens!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

my interview

I interviewed my boyfriend, Rudy Bobo. The interview went really well, it ran a little less than two hours and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I learned things during the interview that I hadn't known within the past ten years that we've known each other. I picked Rudy for my interview because he is a truly inspiring, talented, well rounded, intelligent and awesome person. Rudy is a young musican, currently in a metal band called Hollywood Death Machine. I personally think they're going to go far with Rudy on their side. The interview covered a lot of area, including his inspirations, his youth, his music and other things. He talked a lot, which made it fun for me. I really enjoyed listening to his stories and thoughts on everything. I think my interview was a success. I dread typing the transcript because it was over an hour and my hands will get sore, but reliving his stories and getting back into his head will be fun.

My Interview

My interview went well and it lasted for about 5o minutes. I ended up interviewing my second choice, my grandpa, because something came up with my first choice. I really enjoyed listening about his different stories and I learned some new things about his childhood and him growing up.

Friday, February 10, 2012


I had my interview on Thursday with my grandfather who was in the Navy. It was kind of hard to start off but once we got to the navy I let him take over and tell his story and hardly had to interrupt. I asked him a lot about his views on life as well, and the conversation was about 40 minutes. So far I have 4 pages transcribed from the first 10 minutes of the tape. and am likely to have a lot of good information about the navy and how the world has changed since his political views. I thought it was all very interesting and it will hopefully make a good paper.
I chose perseverance as the theme or ideal that peeks my interest. The profile that shows this theme the most is Moreese Bickham. In all the years that this man spent in prison he never gave up the notion of getting out of prison. In the 42 years that Bickham was incarcerated he was actually a very good prisoner, he never gave any of the guards any trouble and tried to help as many of the other inmates as he could. To pass the time and to keep his sanity he kept a garden. The perseverance that is man showed is an inspiration.

To read more on and find out what Perseverance really means follow the website below, it really puts the words to it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Augustina Martinez

The one lady that I wanted to know more about was Augustina Martinez, because she was a healer and I've heard about them on tv, but never too someone in this world. I though it would be cool to research more about "healer's" in the world and how the differ from Augustina, if they help people or if they keep it to themselves. Martinez goes and helps many people who in some kind of trouble, or pain she helped that lady deliver her baby, eve though her arms came out first, I found that interesting that they want to give that lady a c- section, but she said No ill help her. I think that the Healers all have a religious view that God is the one who really deserves the credit, they were just put on earth to help people.

Here are two interesting links to people who are "Healers",29307,1878443,00.html

My Interview with Marge Hazelett

I had a very good time at my interview, I spend all afternoon with Marge, and I didnt leave her house until about 7:30 p.m. My Interview was only about 2 hours long, but I enjoyed spending the day with her and having dinner with her. I loved this experience, I learned alot of things about Marge that I had no idea, she has a beautiful home that she has worked hard for, I found out that she has lived there alone for 12 years. Her husband passed while they were breaking the ground for her home. The best question I asked was about her life as a kid, she told me that she loved to go to the country and pick berries with her family every saturday and sunday. I thought this interview was going to be interesting, and to my surprise it was so much better them what I expected.=) Just smile and make sure you really listen to what they have to say.

Statue of Liberty

 After reading the profile of Charlie Deleo and the discussion we had in class I realized that I didn't know as much about the Statue of Liberty as I thought I did.  I knew she was a gift from France, but that is about it.  I knew she was created by the French sculptor Fredric Auguste Bartholdi.  Among all the other facts that I found what I was curious about was the story of how they got such a large statue from France to the United States considering that logistics than was no where near what is now.  Turns out the base of the statue was built here and the statue itself was sent from France in 350 separate pieces and assembled here in the United States.  Also, I found a lot of websites concerning the Statue of Liberty and it's connection to the Freemason.  I found this interesting, but didn't really concentrate on it. I started here at Wikipedia and than I went to these sites.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Interview with Charles Tindley

My interview went extremely well and lasted well over four hours and honestly probably a little over five (I lost track of time). And that was after i started to rush him a bit at the two hour mark. I only had to ask i believe three loaded questions and he took the show from there. It was not as if he was rambling either, because almost all of what he told was in a narrative format (interesting ones at that) and had what seemed like he had almost total recall, which is amazing in itself considering he is 86 years old. Almost each one of his stories had a much wider theme about life including the hardships of racism, love one another, perseverance, importance of education, the hardships that many go through, etc. It is hard for me to even pick a favorite story from him because they are so varied and he was an extremely good orator. The story about the time he meet and had small talk with Martin Luther King Jr. was especially amazing. However, the story about when we worked in West Virginia with Senator Jay Rockefeller advocating for health care aid, but more specifically Alzheimer's, was equally moving.

Honestly, this is a man that I feel I have been completely lucky to have meet and my life is more enriched because of the time I have spent talking with him. And the fact that he was so humble about everything makes it even more amazing as he said "you know it does seem as interesting having lived through it."

Jim Bishop: Castle Builder Update

I thought since it’s been 20 or so years since the interviews in the novel were conducted I thought I would find out an update on one of the more interesting profiles to me, the Jim Bishop profile. It seems that since the publication of the novel, Mr. Bishop has still been hard at work adding more and more to his existing castle. Jim is at least 65 now if not older but still maintains his monumental structure that he started building over 40 years ago. I thought it would be interesting since he is probably one of the few profiled people who are still alive today. I also found out that Mr. Bishop is becoming fairly fanatical about the government and it seems to be a big part of his life of what i saw in this interview on Youtube.

Jim Bishop interview clip

Looking at the updated photographs, that come up relatively fast when Google searched, it looks like most of his progress on the castle has turned it much more into a homely since the interview took place. Curious to learn more I searched for modern castle builders here in the U.S. I did not find many actual castles that were building here in the U.S. save for maybe a hand full. The majority of my search results however were dedicated sites to how to castle build and related topics revolving around the art of castle building. Which i found interesting in themselves for the shear fact that they are self help sites for building castles. Here are some links to the some of the castle builder sites that I came across.

Upon further research I actually found another site that has a long list of current known castles here in the United States and is quite extensive. There also seems to be a theme with castles in the U.S. and anti-government sentiment-weird right? I thought so too.

Castles of the United States

Building a Grotto

My favorite profile that I wanted to learn more about was how Father Louis H. Greving was able to build so many grottos in his lifetime. A grotto is a small cave that is built for decoration or religious reasons. I found a site that tells you how to build your very own grotto and the process looks like it would take a while to build just one grotto. So when Greving was talking about how his hands would bleed after building a grotto I could understand that this was not an easy job, and I could see how passionate he really was about building eight grottos in his lifetime.

Serpent Handling

The biggest thing that want to learn more about is serpent handling at religious ceremonies. I have never heard of that before in my life until I read the profile in the book. It is found in a small number of Pentecostal churches in the U.S. They believe that they will cast out devils and speak new tongues. It says that nothing shall ever hurt you, not even the most poisonous of creaters. As it says in the book of Mark from the Holy Bible, "And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." The book of Luke from the Holy Bible also has a passage saying, "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." The snake handlers are supposed to lay their hands on the sick, speak in tongues, provide miracles, and occasionally consume poison to prove that it can't hurt them with the power of God. I thought this was very interesting to learn more about.

Being passionate coach

I thought the team in Johnny Tocco was being a good coach and being passionate about what he did. Coaches impact their team more than they realize. Before you can be a coach in Ohio you have to take a class and in the class you learn how to be a good leader and how to teach your team qualities they will need the rest of their lives. While I was interviewing my pastor, he told me that one person that had an impact on him was his track coach. When I look back to my high school experience, I looked up to my cheerleading coach and she was the one who got me my coaching job I have now. At the end of the season, l look at the girls and I think about how they were when I took over and they’ve improved so much but if they had a coach that didn’t care, they wouldn’t look very good. Coaches have to take pride in their team. Everyone starts somewhere. No one starts out being the best. You have to work at it and the coach has to care about their team. They have to have passion for what they are coaching or they will be miserable and make it miserable for the team.