Thursday, February 9, 2012

Statue of Liberty

 After reading the profile of Charlie Deleo and the discussion we had in class I realized that I didn't know as much about the Statue of Liberty as I thought I did.  I knew she was a gift from France, but that is about it.  I knew she was created by the French sculptor Fredric Auguste Bartholdi.  Among all the other facts that I found what I was curious about was the story of how they got such a large statue from France to the United States considering that logistics than was no where near what is now.  Turns out the base of the statue was built here and the statue itself was sent from France in 350 separate pieces and assembled here in the United States.  Also, I found a lot of websites concerning the Statue of Liberty and it's connection to the Freemason.  I found this interesting, but didn't really concentrate on it. I started here at Wikipedia and than I went to these sites.

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