Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Being passionate coach

I thought the team in Johnny Tocco was being a good coach and being passionate about what he did. Coaches impact their team more than they realize. Before you can be a coach in Ohio you have to take a class and in the class you learn how to be a good leader and how to teach your team qualities they will need the rest of their lives. While I was interviewing my pastor, he told me that one person that had an impact on him was his track coach. When I look back to my high school experience, I looked up to my cheerleading coach and she was the one who got me my coaching job I have now. At the end of the season, l look at the girls and I think about how they were when I took over and they’ve improved so much but if they had a coach that didn’t care, they wouldn’t look very good. Coaches have to take pride in their team. Everyone starts somewhere. No one starts out being the best. You have to work at it and the coach has to care about their team. They have to have passion for what they are coaching or they will be miserable and make it miserable for the team.

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