Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presentation Ideas

The first place that pops in my mind locally is the Harding Memorial. I used to go there often as a child and now I pass it every day when I drop my son off and pick my son up from the babysitters. It is a memorial for a great president. He took presidency when the economy was in such decline post war. A year after he took office, the economy was starting to recover. Most people remember him for being involved in sandals and not for the good that he has done. I feel it goes along with the American Dream because people want to be forgiven for their mistakes.

Nationally I think of Times Square in New York. New York is the place that can make you or break you. People who want fame for their American Dream can go there and try to achieve it. There are also so many different kids of jobs in Times Square that people can find something that interests them. There are so many people in Times Square so it is a good place if you want to get noticed because it is an intersection to many cities. Not to mention Times Square has some beautiful architecture. Unfortunately it can break peoples dreams as well, but they can still hold on the idea of the dream.

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