Saturday, February 11, 2012

my interview

I interviewed my boyfriend, Rudy Bobo. The interview went really well, it ran a little less than two hours and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I learned things during the interview that I hadn't known within the past ten years that we've known each other. I picked Rudy for my interview because he is a truly inspiring, talented, well rounded, intelligent and awesome person. Rudy is a young musican, currently in a metal band called Hollywood Death Machine. I personally think they're going to go far with Rudy on their side. The interview covered a lot of area, including his inspirations, his youth, his music and other things. He talked a lot, which made it fun for me. I really enjoyed listening to his stories and thoughts on everything. I think my interview was a success. I dread typing the transcript because it was over an hour and my hands will get sore, but reliving his stories and getting back into his head will be fun.

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