Thursday, February 9, 2012

Augustina Martinez

The one lady that I wanted to know more about was Augustina Martinez, because she was a healer and I've heard about them on tv, but never too someone in this world. I though it would be cool to research more about "healer's" in the world and how the differ from Augustina, if they help people or if they keep it to themselves. Martinez goes and helps many people who in some kind of trouble, or pain she helped that lady deliver her baby, eve though her arms came out first, I found that interesting that they want to give that lady a c- section, but she said No ill help her. I think that the Healers all have a religious view that God is the one who really deserves the credit, they were just put on earth to help people.

Here are two interesting links to people who are "Healers",29307,1878443,00.html

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