Monday, February 20, 2012

I am doing my local place as lake erie museum which I visited when I was little. The museum shows of how the islands were back in the day and how it was mostly a tourist attraction. The cooliest part about the museum was the look of the boats and the boats made back then. How life there was different and how many people visited it during the victorian era was interesting too. I just always thought it was an interesting history about Ohio.
The National place that I wanted to talk about was Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. I have been to both places four times and each time I have went I have learned something new. I think the Statue of Liberty because it was the welcoming of immigrants into America. Ellis Island was just a place of where the immigrants went and practically lived. There was a hospital there and many rooms as the immigrants waited to go through registration. I just find these things amazing because this was such a big part of our American history and is part of who we are. Just walking through Ellis Island and seeing how many people were there is just crazy. It makes me more thankful for the freedom that I have because I know a lot of people do not enjoy the same freedoms as I do.

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