Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Suffering: It's Not Always Bad

All over the world there is suffering. There always has been and no matter how hard the world tries to prevent it, there always will be. Some believe it is an act of God and that he is punishing people for their sin. Others believe that suffering occurs because there is no God and that if there was there would be no suffering.

Here is my take on the subject. I believe that the world is cruel and that good people are always getting the short end of the stick. This is only because that these good people care and whether they know it or now, they know it or not they want some kind of reward for their efforts, the whole thought of Karma. To me they are actually getting a reward but it seems like they are getting punished. The greatest thing, I believe that people need to suffer in order to grow as a person. That you cannot truly feel what is good in life without feeling the bad.

Here is a link that tells of a book that dives into this subject a little more.

I'd like to get some of your guys opinions on this subject so feel free to respond :D

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