Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jim Bishop, Working hard for what you love

My favorite passage in this book was Jim Bishop, the castle builder. For a little background knowledge, in 2006 he was still working on his castle and it was near completion. The dragon could throw fire 6 feet long and Bishop was working on making it shoot 30 feet! It is an unpublished tourist attraction, that visitors must sign waivers to go in an look at. Unmentioned in this story is that Jim Bishops 4 year old son died in a wind storm that knocked a tree down on him, and he is said to still play around in the castle, which gives the castle some what of a paranormal feeling.
I believe the theme to this story was working hard for what you love, a theme that is dying in todays world. The article i found describes the work life in America today. It tells us about how we work, how ften and how hard we work, and that even if we have a job know, we should still look for that job that we all love. Its unlike Bishop, for he knew what he loved from the begining and he worked at it, but for most of us, we are unsure at this point so this provides insight to us finding the career we love.

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