Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charlie DeLeo-Statue of Liberty

I wanted to figure out if Charlie DeLeo was really the only person to stand in the torch of the Statue of Liberty. Charlie DeLeo took pride in his work and loved his work which I think is remarkable. Many people these days take work their work for granted thinking that they are irreplaceable. However, I really do think Charlie DeLeo is irreplaceable. He had a passion for the Statue of Liberty since he was in fourth grade and took a trip with his class to Ellis Island. I found out that the torch has been shut down since 1960, but Charlie is a regular. He, like many others in the book, felt like he was born to do his job. He learned basically every inch of Lady Liberty. I also wanted to know a deeper meaning behind the Statue of Liberty. I know it stands for freedom and as long as the torch is lit we are free, but I was just wondering if there was a deeper meaning behind it. I found this link that tells the meaning behing the spikes on the crown and everything.

This link talks about Charlie DeLeo and how he viewed that Statue of Liberty. I found it interesting.

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