Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ron Wilson

My first time into the Marion Christian Center the first person to say anything to me as soon as I walked in was Ron Wilson and we have been good friends ever since. The man is amazing but to tell the truth before this I did not know too much about his past but his dreams for the future are just as exciting. The best part I found when interviewing him came with his faith and after hurting his back. All he ever did was work on the farm but also had a part time job, I will let Ron tell you the rest:
Well after that my job was just farming since all we had was farmland. Of course, this is just a seasonal job so during the winter and summer I had a lot more free time so I started to work at Bank One in Marion. I worked in their agricultural lending department which fit really
nice with what I did. Then with a year going down the road I hurt my back
really bad and had to end up getting back surgery. I will tell you this story
that happen during that time because it important. This was about 20 years ago
when I had the surgery and I was slowly getting better and stronger. I mean
things were not done as well as they are done now but anyways the surgeon said
“Ron you farm part time and work at a bank part time?” I go “yes sir I do.” He
then says “Well you should never lift anything over ten pounds for the rest of
your life. So if you ever have the chance to work at a bank and be a full time banker
then you should take that chance.” Well that was at 11:30 whatever day that was
and Barb drives me home because I was not released to drive yet. We get home
and we are sitting there having lunch when my boss calls me from the bank
around noon and says “Ron I have some paper work for you to fill out and would
like to visit with you.” So I said “Yeah just come on over.” His name was Dan.
He drives out to the house and gets there around 1:00 or 1:30 in the afternoon.
Sits down and gives me the paper work to fill out. He then says “Well what I
really came for Ron is this morning we were having a meeting. The bank is
really growing and expanding and you are doing a good job. We really have the
space for a full time job. Would you consider working full time for the bank?”
This was just after two hours the doctor had told me to take a full time job
and the bank because I would not be able to life over ten pounds again. So I
took the job. From then on out I slowly started climbing the corporate latter
because I was so driven. We then moved into Marion because of me moving up I
had to travel a lot more and we decided to move closer to Route 23, so we did.

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