Saturday, March 3, 2012

For my profile essay I chose to do Dan and Judy Adelsberger, who are my former bosses and former owners of The Old Town Inn a restaurant I still work at. They understand the principles of going after dreams and working hard for what you want in life, and how to run a business. They are friendly people, who are actively involved in the community in which we live and their life is one that many would look up to.

We lived there, we never left. It was very scary at first. It takes a lot of time. We couldn’t leave and then, I don’t know about ten years later we got the spot up at Indian Lake to get away. Working is a lot of fun, but you gotta be there to work all the time and we are just getting old. I’m getting old, no I am old [laughs]. There were sometimes of the year when it was down a lot, but mostly the business was steady. Times like back to school, when it first gets cold and when it first gets hot it slows down. You just have to bear and grin with it. We did well a lot of the years, but when Applebee’s opened that month we lost nine thousand dollars but we survived. We had our customers, our customer base. Their base now is our base. That’s the people we met and we created. Those are the people we developed and you need that. You need the people to survive.That’s the fun part. The talking to people. Yeah and growing older with people. I had funny pants that I wore that people loved, like I’m wearing now for the picture; many of the funny pants came from customers who would buy me more. And I had, the neatest thing, I ever had was that little remote control rat I found at a Cracker Barrel. I put it under the salad bar at work, and then when a wait would come back and get a salad there was a remote, and I hit the button and it would come out and freak the waits out [laughing]. We liked to have fun and work at the same time. Those customers and people were important to us. There are some that you know you haven’t seen for a long time, and kinda can’t remember their names but I always remember their face. And we’ve lost a lot of them too. To death and you know that’s always hard even for us. It becomes a family. It becomes its own little community. Despite that we love our lives here and the community we live in. As well as the community we helped build with the restaurant. We’ll never leave here. I miss working sometimes like we used to. I enjoyed it, I miss it a lot. I miss a lot of the parts of it because it’s who I am, it’s in my blood.

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