Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Jonathan Friedley has been my doctor since I was born. He helped take care of all five of us children. He was my oldest brothers doctor clear down to my youngest brothers doctor. I interviewed Jonathan Friedley due to the fact that he is in the same profession that I am interested in. Dr. Friedley is a pediatrician at Smith Clinic. While interviewing Dr. Friedley, I found out just how important religion is to him and how he grew up in a religious house hold. His father was preacher and his mother was a typical preachers wife. Jonathan told me "I love Marion, but I think that the city itself is lacking a true faith. I mean if you believe in God, you have a sense of right and wrong. If you believe, you will do right and if you love your neighbor as yourself you would never do anything to hurt him. Religion has played a big factor in my life. I grew up with the concrete beliefs and values in the Bible, and is till continue to live by them today". Dr. Friedley has inspired me to continue to striving after my dream of becoming a doctor!

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