Sunday, March 4, 2012

Patrcik Hreachmack

For my project, i chose my moms husband, an model builder who has creates more detailed works that are the size of a quarter then i can create in full scale! After doing my interview and learning more about the art that he takes place in and his love of history, i can honestly admit i would not mind joining him in his model building one day.

Why?” I asked. Pat’s response being, “History,
all about history. Yes they are games; yes they are all about war. But here had
never been a time longer than fifteen years where there has not been a war
going on. What happens in war time creates countries and where they will go. I
think we all need to learn from history, if we learn from these mistakes, we
will make other mistakes, but we will not repeat the same mistakes, and we will
improve.” Pat Hreachmack is a “big kid” with a love of models that has evolved
into a successful passion and allowed him to express his liking of history; an
ideal that we all can learn from.

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