Saturday, January 21, 2012

In the Presence of Fear

The most thought provoking passage that Berry wrote was number XIII. He talks about how we are going on like before as if nothing has happened to us at all. That we have not tried to change how "free trade" works. I believe that the people in charge need to take a step in the right direction by making sure that our secrets and our technology does not fall into the wrong hands. With global or "free trade" we are just trading our knowledge to the world so it can just be used against us. This needs to change.


  1. I agree that things must be kept some what of a secret but if we are not hiding anything that isn't harmful then I think we would be in a better place today than before but good thoughts!

    1. I agree that we say we need to change how we do things, yet nothing has changed. We continue making the same mistakes that led us to the 9/11 situation. We continue to give out information that could come right back around to bite us like it has before.

  2. I agree that free trade can come back to bite us and make us look the fool. Little know fact we supplied Al Quida with its Ak47s and other such weapons just years before they attacked us on 9/11