Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Stacie

Hi, I'm Stacie. I am a non-traditional student majoring in Psychology. I like to sing with the radio, because noone wants to hear me without it, and spend time with my family.

I enjoyed the profile of Bickham the most. To me, his story is one of courage and hope. This man had spent over half of his life in prison, and never gave up hope of being free again. Even after spending several years on death row, Mr. Bickham always believed that someday he would be free.


  1. I love singing along to the radio as well! I know my voice isn't the greatest but it just makes me happy to sing along with songs I know!

  2. I love to sing with the radio too =) I feel its relaxing. I liked how positive Bickham was too.

  3. I enjoyed Bickeham's profile the most as well. He is very inspiring because it shows that anyone can believe and have hope and oneday their dreams and goals might come true.