Monday, January 23, 2012

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs as we all may agree is a technological innovator.  In doing this assignment I realized that not only was he an innovator, but courageous in his own way.  He was courageous in the fact that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and yet he continued to work at in his own word "Doing what he loves".  Even though at the time of his diagnosis it was determined a treatable form of cancer ultimately it would claim his life.  As I wrote in my essay, "Steve jobs most iconic inventions came with the knowledge of his own mortality".    He had the courage to continue to create and innovate until his health deteriorated to the point that he step down from his company.

The most helpful source that i found in my research was Steve's 2005 Commencement address at Stanford University.  For me this provided the most useful insight into Steve, because it was his own words.

For me this Image represents Steve Jobs.  Even though he had quite the success with Pixar he will be forever linked to Apple.  Because, you cant have Apple without Steve Jobs.


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