Monday, January 9, 2012

Intro for Autumn

Hi I am Autumn Bumgarner I am studying to be a teacher in Middle Childhood Education Math and Science. My hobbies in my free time are having fun with family and friends, watching any type of sports, listening to music. Along with what I do I work at the Richwood Banking Company as a teller.

The profile that was interesting to me today was the one on Robert Shields. This guy was very interesting because he is what you would call an extreme eccentric. What struck me about Roberts life was that everything he did had to be revolved around his writing for an example he didn't leave town because if he did he might get behind in his writings.


  1. I also liked the passage on Robert Shields! It was interesting and surprising to me that someone took so much time to do that! I liked that part where he said he had control but if he stopped doing it it would be like ending his life!

  2. I thought it was crazy that he wouldn't leave town because he would get behind on his diary so he let his diary control his life.