Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Inc.

The film Food Inc. was an extremely powerful film in my mind and a very enlightening one at that. Although it did put some emphasis on the idea of a local economy, as in the interview with the farmer with the free roaming animals, what really stuck out in my mind was the absolutely atrocious unethical, inhumane, and destructive practices that these corporations take to with disregard for everyone and everything in the name of profits. A very strong quote that stood out immediately from the film was the chicken coup farmer for Tyson who said "if you can grow chickens in 49 days why grow ones in three months?...more money, that's why." This quote surely sums up a very strong theme in the documentary that many of these food corporations care only for profits and what things can raise profits.
I thought that this was a good link showing the connections and strong ties that these huge companies have in our government. The film stated that they had high profile connections to our departments of agriculture, but looking more in depth into the topic it becomes more and more scary how much say that these companies have over their own destiny and that no one can really touch them. Truly a wider movement needs to take place to remove these private industries from any point of political power to reestablish justice for all and especially them.

A domestic art that I myself was close to was raising animals. Although I myself did not take a liking to it, there was an undeniable connection the the animals that one raises. My family for a few years had invested into creating an alpaca farm. While it was not very successful as the recession took its tole on the small business, it was certainly a valuable learning experience. While it may not be a valuable domestic art, it is certainly an interesting one, and one I am glad I have experienced.


  1. The whole thing with the big corporations having so much power in our government really made me mad. We live in a society that thinks the government should watch out for us but in reality the people need to watch out for each other. We just live in a profit first kind of world and it needs to change.

  2. I agree with your blog. The private food industry only cares about making money. If there is a wider movement put in effect to remove private industries, how many people would join the movement and how many people would not due to fear of being arrested, sued, or due to lack of interest?

  3. I agree that the large food corporations really only care about money and it shows in the movie when you see what the larger corporations keep their animals in compared to the local farmer. The large corporations has a bunch of cows or whatever the animal may be bunch in so tightly that they can barely move while the local farmer has many acres for the animals to roam.