Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Inc.

This film really opened my eyes to the way are food is produced in this country.  It breaks to light that faster sometimes is not necessarily better.  I like how the film showed the difference in the large corporation farms and the local farm.  In a way the film highlighted a lot of what Wendall Berry wrote about in his book.  What really struck me was in the film the local farm Joel Salatin was talking about Corporate farms, he said about the food we grow that "When we are reaching for the profits, we lose the integrity of the food we grow."   I looked up a review for the film on the website  The review that I am posting the link to is from Roger Ebert of The Chicago Sun-Times.  I guess what struck me about his review is that what he said in the last paragraph.  Here is the link to the full review.


  1. The quote from Salatin is so true. Americans are so worried about making more money that they forget the small things like the quality. This is why many factories have moved to other countries because the business owners are only worried about making more money not thinking about the people that need to jobs or the quality of their products.

  2. Its amazing that we have given up our integrity to make a few extra dollars. The local farmer in this movie looked very happy and did not look like the wealthiest man in the world. Perhaps we should all live by his example, i believe if we did the world would quickly become a much healthier place to live.