Monday, January 9, 2012

Hannah's First Blog

Hi I'm Hannah Potter. I'm 19 and this is my second year at OSU Marion. I'm studying business at the moment and I would at least like to have my associates degree. My hobbies are watching t.v., reading, playing video games and writing but I would like to get out more. In the book Holding On, i liked steam train's profile the best because he was happy with his life, he worked hard for little, and was part of the hobo society. I think he is brave for doing that.


  1. Hi, I completely agree with you about steam train's profile. He was happy with the life he was living and proud of it. I think business is very cool and before I changed to Fashion and Retail Studies, business is what I planned on majoring in.

    1. I think we may have a lot in common then, because as a child and well into my teen years, my passion was fashion. I quit because I don't have enough skill or motivation.

  2. I like the fact that hobos worked for everything they had, they didn't expect a handout.

  3. i liked steam trains also just because i learned a lot about the hobo comunity that i didnt know

  4. I enjoyed reading about the hobos too because I learned a lot that I never knew about before.