Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Inc.

I found this movie to be very good. I always new the food producing was a messy business but I just never wanted to watch it because I knew it would probably make me mad. One of the points I found so interesting was about the chicken. In the movie they talked about how the chicken has been changed. " They get bigger faster and because there bodies are not meant to hold that much wait they cant stand long or just lay down." I found this to be very sad but not surprising. The whole E coli thing is just as sad. I mean in the movie a farmer said they look to ask the question "How?" instead of "Why?". He is exactly right by this and in all honesty this is going to catch up with factories becasue now instead of the E coli in the meat it is getting spread to the vegetables. This is just going to keep getting worse. I understand people need food but I cant help to think about all the excess food we eat or throw away. I mean do we really need all this food all the factories are making? I really want to know the answer to that. Farmers are getting hurt but not only that we the people are getting hurt. I really think this movie would make anyone else think twice.
The domestic art that really speaks to me when it comes to food is actually cooking a good home cooked meal and having the whole family around the table. Some of my best family memerories come from sitting around the table with my family. I remember one morning up at Kellys Island, my whole family on my dads side of the family was up there. I woke up smelling pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sasuage. I walked out of the bedroom with a bunch of my cousins and you just saw all the moms making breakfast. We then sat down to pray and then dug in! It was one of the best breakfast ever, not just because of the food but because all of my family was there and all the stories being told was just so much fun. It is one of my favorite memories.
I just think this is one of the lost things, when it comes to families right now. I mean my family eats together sometimes but it is mostly in the living room not really around the table. I find that time at the table to be very important and is what brings families together. It just seems now a days the dining room table is more for looks then actually to serve a family dinner at. I just think it is very imporatant to have that time for your family especially now when it seems everyone has so much to do in a day. I think it is nice for families to come together and share at least one hour of there day together.


  1. I also thought the homecooked meal is very important but on the other hand that meal may not fit into the busy schedules of many people.

    1. I also like the idea of eating a meal with my family around the table. when I was little everyone in my family would sit at a table and eat a meal. Now we only eat a meal at the table during holidays.

    2. I agree that there is a huge problem with the mentality of how things are run in corporations. The whole idea of well if this won't work then lets try another inappropriate response to the problem. So there is e coli in our beef you say? Lets clean it with and process it with some toxic ammonia to kill the e coli. Let's not worry about the source of the problem.