Monday, January 9, 2012

Stephanie intro

I am studying pre-pharmacy and I spend all of my free time with my 9 month old son.
The profile that most interested me today was Bickham's. The thing that I thought was most interesting was how he never gave up hope for himself getting out of jail. He also would give hope to new prisoners coming in by telling them that they wouldn't be there as long as he has. I think I would have given up hope on getting out after that many years.
He also would hear things about the outside world and how it has changed so much. He wouldn't believe such things if he didn't watch it on t.v. with his own eyes. Even though everybody around him had died and had changed he still had the hope of becoming a free man.


  1. Hey Stephanie! I think it's interesting your studying pre pharmacy. I am an exercise education major and find anything in the medical sciences field very interesting. I like what you had to say about the hope the Bickham displayed. I try to be an optimistic person but I'm not sure if i could have been as positive as him, epecially given the circumstances of his case.

  2. I like bickhams profile too so much hope in the story

  3. Awww you have a nine month year old son how precious. I hope you have a great quarter and dont miss out on your little ones life=) congrates and I hope all the best for you

  4. I also thought that it was neat how Brickham gave hope to any of the new prisoners that came into the prison.