Monday, January 9, 2012

Brittany Stone

Hello I am Brittany Stone and I am majoring in Accounting. I work as a server at Bob Evans. My main hobby is playing with my daughter Audrey and reading fiction.

The profile that stuck out to me was Moreese Bickhams. He continued to inspire and encourage the fellow prisoners even when his own future was so discouraging. Moreese kept his faith in God and never gave up hope that he would one day be released. After years in prison, Moreese is reunited with his family that had evolved so greatly. It was an inspiring story about never giving up.


  1. Hi Brittany
    I like how positive and inspiring Bickham was toward the other prisoners. He never gave up and I also found that It was a great story about not giving up=)

  2. I aldo liked Moreese Bickham's story because he always had faith and hope that one day he would get out of prison. I agree that it was an inspiring story, and it was my favorite one to read.

  3. Thanks for the congrats Brit=)