Monday, January 23, 2012

Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a very inspirational person. He built an empire of movies from basically nothing. Walt worked very hard throughout his life to accomplish such an amazing dream.He made so many movies that he noted were for "children of all ages". To me "this meant that he had animated cartoon like movies for the younger children that older children or even adults would enjoy"! I think he is a very inspirational person because he had a dream to produce long films in addition to his short ones. His first attempt at making a series of comedies was not successful. However, this did not stop him. He continued to pursue his dream and eventually came out on top of the entertainment world. That is what makes him an inspiration to me. For this paper, I found an interent article that was very helpful. It was a biography on Walt Disney that told everything that you would ever need to know about him. This is where I found most of the information that I needed.

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  1. I believe that his statement "children of all ages" is a shoutout to the idea of our inner child so I like that you even included adults in your statement.