Monday, January 9, 2012

Intro for Matt Field

My name is Matt Field and I am majoring in psychology. I enjoy video games, playing guitar and other instruments, and watching movies.
The person's profile I was most interested in was "Steam Train" Maury Grahm. I had never known the difference between a bum and hobo and had thought they were interchangeable words until reading Maury's profile. I thought the community of hobos was interesting such as how they would mark which houses were good or bad and would be a way for a hobo to identify himself (by dropping the pebbles).


  1. Hi Matt I enjoy playing guitar too. I never knew the difference between a bum and a hobo either I thought that was quite an interesting story.

  2. I found it interesting as well that there was a difference between a hobo and a bum. There is definitely a sense of community with the Hobos whereas with the Bums it seems they are just beggars. Very interesting indeed.